Why we should change our lives to a much simpler way?

Of course I can't produce evidence personally to prove that we are damaging our planet, I am not that intelligent or well read enough to produce it. All I can do is go by the general consensus of Science that we as humans are affecting our fragile planet by over industrialisation and using up all its resources.

Even if I was able enough to produce this evidence some clever guy would come along with another piece of proof to say nothing is happening at all. An ever ending circle of argument and counter-argument.

These arguments are often based on the idea that the world never changes, that all a man needs to know is what he sees in front of him and not far away or that science is something he cannot understand or wishes too.

I would rather go on the side of caution and not wait for the incontrovertible truth which might take another generation and then it maybe too late to reverse the damage we have done. We can't take any chances on this.

Humans are very clever and may be able to fix a broken down car but I challenge you to think we can fix a broken down planet.

In my humble opinion this is the time for action not more endless debate.

By action I mean not by revolution or forcing anyone to go against their inner instincts and beliefs but just by the simple action of living a simple life.

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