10 Aspects of the daily Rat Race

Oh, the daily grind.


1. Dash, Dash, Dash. Get up in the morning, wash, beautify for work, get the children ready for school.


2. Those awful traffic jams. Get in the car, take the children to school, spend hours of your life in traffic jams, getting to work and back home again.


3. Working with a company that is ruthless and who's main preoccupation is solely making money, or a bureaucracy that is lost in it's purpose.


Worry this, worry that, targets, evaluations, graphs, productivity, working with some people who are just plain not nice, not being nice to others when you want to be nice. Career path, the future, and all just for the purpose of making some silly widget or other.


6. Getting home, too tired, flop out in front of the television and watch a constant stream of things that one needs and go back to work and attempt to work even harder to get more of them.  Tired and exhausted, not just on work days, but all days, work has got you on the internet and on the mobile phone and you can't escape it. No time for relaxation or thoughtful rest.


7 Your partner is fed up with you because you are either sitting in front of the TV or preoccupied with work, or money worries. Fed up with your partner because you feel the same about her. No time for that old romance or special time together.


8. The children. Your beautiful little babe is stuck in nursery, being looked after by strangers, and the best times are lost in the frantic need to work, work, work. One of the older children is having problems and you don't have the time to spend with him/her and make him/her special.


9. You and your partner have to work flat out to achieve your dreams, your aspirations, what else is there except working and making money.


10. The years pass, and then the awful realisation of questioning what real achievements have been made and finding out they are very few and far between, except maybe a big house on the hill and loads of money.


OK, the past is the past, that's all done with and now is the present.


Does it always have to be like this?


Is there a new direction, a reassessment of the really valuable things in life? yes there is >> LIVING SIMPLY


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