Giving up car ownership

One of the machines that has propelled us to our present state is the car. One could argue that it is a destructive force.

The precursor to War

The automobile and all its' variations has allowed wars to be conducted on grander and more ruthless levels. While war is a human frailty that is not caused by the car it is a major driving force behind it.

Our addiction to easy travel creates an overwhelming demand for fuel to power it. Fuel is a precious resource that is declining by the day and many conflicts today revolve around gaining the territory that has the oil that fuels the automobile. The Middle East conflict is an obvious example of a fuel war.

If there is no demand for fuel there is much less demand for war and conflict.

Damage to people and the environment.

The automobile emits pollution, kills and injures people in prodigious numbers. Because we travel in a self contained vehicle that is on the whole comfortable and efficient we somehow become detached from the reality of harm that this machine causes.

As we travel around we will rarely see an accident happening when it is occurring all the time on a grand scale everywhere on earth. The air inside the car appears pleasantly acceptable but is causing wide scale damage through pollutants and increasing our carbon emissions damaging the ozone layer that we depend on for survival.

Road and motorways take away vast tracts of land from the countryside. Wildlife, which represents a major essential part of the earth is just bull dozed away in pursuit of the lazy man. Vast amounts of animals are destroyed every year in road kill.

Transport and roads also allows man to transport and expand his territories to areas that slowly but surely swallow up the world, leaving very little for nature. The only reason why some of the wildernesses of the world remain untouched is because this machine cannot get us there.

Car ownership increases heart disease and obesity

If one can go everywhere in a self propelled machine with little effort we become fat and lazy. We put on weight, susceptibility to heart disease increases. The automobile has only existed for a hundred years. Before that we used the horse or simply walked. Our bodies are not designed for laziness. We need exercise to exist, the car largely takes that all away.

In Western countries at least there is an epidemic in obesity and as other other countries join the car revolution through economic growth they are starting to see it happening to them.

If you have 2 or more cars perhaps just have one ?

If the argument goes that we need the automobile for transport and obviously it is very convenient and useful and important for an economy to function do we really need two or three car families. Has the automobile now become an encumbrance because there are so many of them. Traffic congestion is a simple overwhelming factor in modern life that shows the automobile is declining in its usefulness. The freedom of the road has turned into drudgery and chaos because everyone wants to go somewhere at the same time.

If you have a car just get rid of it and walk, or get a bicycle or use public transit. This can only be done by personal choice.

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